Cydni is a place based artist and designer based in SE Portland. Currently pursuing her MFA in Applied Craft & Design from the Pacific Northwest College of Art, Cydni is a lover of working with her hands and the slow processes that come with traditional craft work. Raised in the Pacific Northwest Cydni believes in the interconnected energy of all things and chooses processes and materials where she feels this most. Her work focuses in the realm natural dyes and foraging as a method of connecting deeper with the self and the world that we inhabit. Find Cydni's work on Instagram

Variegated Places, Cydni's current project, seeks to deepen "connections between people and place.. through a color based collaboration with a plant." Her website at "serves as a place based color catalogue and growing educational resource including instructions, demonstrations, material resource lists, and someday lesson plans designed to facilitate interconnection between our human selves and the places, spaces, and worlds all around us." 



Geraldine is the founder of SURFACE, a mother and an Artist. She works with found, foraged, grown and discarded materials to create works in fiber and on paper. Find more of her work on Instagram and Maternal Art.