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Our mission is to foster the development of socially, ecologically and financially sustainable careers in the arts through childcare integrated studios, gallery space and self-directed educational programming.

Our members gallery offers you a unique and sustainable way to experience local art in Eugene, Oregon. Our rental program provides an accessible experience for both emerging collectors and emerging artists. 


In addition to the sales and retail gallery SURFACE will also hold curated exhibitions. Stay tuned for members only and open calls! 

Art supplies made by local Artists, from local materials and without packaging. 

- bring your own containers!

- supplied containers can be returned and reused or refilled!

Featured Products:

- Earth and Mineral Pigments 

- Glass Mullers

- Locally grown fiber

- Locally grown dye plants and seeds

- Fiber Flax seeds

- Paintbrushes

- Pens

- Handmade paper and sketch books

Creating a socially sustainable project means providing space for the next generation.

Studio Facilities and Materials currently in the works:

  1. Papermaking studio

  2. Paint making, Ink brewing and Dye kitchen

  3. Painting easels, desks, and general stock of consumable recycled materials. 

In addition to space for work, display, sales and children SURFACE offers a community of learning. We aim to create an atmosphere of curiosity and collaboration resulting in professional growth among our member artists. This energy will be supported by community mentors, peer critiques and skill workshops.